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Meet the Doula

It's All in the name!

Authentic & personalized care designed to support you, your birth goals, and family.

Lactation can be complicated & confusing but I am here to help. As a CAPPA trained Lactation Educator, I am confident in my ability to help you reach your lactation goals.

Educate you about breathing, birth positions, contraction distraction, low medical pain management, and baby wearing are just a few points we cover!

What do Doulas Do?

Xenas is Greek for a strong confident women. I hope to empower you face your fears and trust your body to be the "Xena Warrior Princess" of your birth.

Advocate is a skill that may feel a little different around medical professions. I will teach you how to advocate for you birth rights and choices. Of course I will always be there to back you up and hold space for you when you are unable too. I got your back!

Inspiration & Vision

Hello my name is Alexa Hughes. I am an aspiring Certified Nurse Midwife as a student of Galen Nursing schooI. I have always been infatuated with birth work. Inspired by the old school show "Birth Day" on TLC, I set my goal to become an OB/GYN and bring Louisville its 1st Birth Center. As I perused the career I realized the role of an OB/GYN is not as personable nor involved in both labor/ birth as I would like to be. I started to explore other ways to support women through such a miracle. I found Pro-Doula, the Leading Edge Certification Organization of Birth Workers, became a Pre-Certified Labor Doula. I have fallen in love and beyond eager to join the birth companion community! 


My vision is to grow into my craft, become a Full Spectrum Doula and Certified Nurse Midwife. During that time I hope to gain experiences and connect with people that would also like to see a Birth Center here in the Ville! First or not I want Alexa's to be a place that inspires a society fearless of birth, an atmosphere exhibiting deep understanding of birth, non judgmental support to every desired birth experience, and provide child/ birth education. I want to hold a space for families to apply their cultural birth traditions as well.  Feel free to reach out at any time!

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